Using codelists

Codelists can be used to resolve coded values to human readable ones.

Adding a codelist

To add a codelists, choose Codelists in the menu and click on the plus sign at the top.

ldproxy Manager - add codelist

A dialog will appear where you can enter a codelist identifier and the URL of the codelists. For now only codelists encoded as GML dictionary are supported.

ldproxy Manager - new codelist

We will use a codelist from Germany as an example:

ldproxy Manager - add bahnkategorie

When you press Add, ldproxy will import the codelist.

ldproxy Manager - added bahnkategorie

Using a codelist

Now you can open the feature type configuration where you want to resolve a coded value and select your codelist on the left.

ldproxy Manager - using bahnkategorie

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