Adding a service

To add a proxy service for a WFS, click on the plus sign at the top.

ldproxy Manager - add

A dialog will appear where you can enter a service identifier and the URL of the WFS.

ldproxy Manager - new service

We will use a WFS from the Netherlands as an example:

ldproxy Manager - add landschapsatlas

When you press Add, ldproxy will analyze the WFS and configure the proxy service.

ldproxy Manager - adding landschapsatlas

Once the service is configured, it will switch its state from Initializing to Online.

ldproxy Manager - added landschapsatlas

If an issue with the service is identified, a message appears. Clicking on the arrow shows the details why a service cannot be created. A typical issue are invalid or missing schemas.

ldproxy Manager - failure

If you click on the service in the service list, the detail view will be opened.

ldproxy Manager - detail view

To start browsing the proxy service, click on View at the right. That will lead to the main page, which is generated from the WFS capabilities document.

ldproxy Manager - landing page

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